Service Excellence

We promise to provide service excellence as applied to the installation of new garage doors and openers, broken spring repair, safety adjustments, maintenance and speedy general repairs. A local family-owned-and-operated business, our emphasis is on courteous service and customer satisfaction. We're also concerned with your safety and the safety of our technicians while they are working.

Partial List of Services Provided
• We repair damaged, stuck, slow garage doors
• New residential garage doors installed
• Broken springs, rollers, cables repaired quickly
• Roll-up and tilt-up garage doors fixed on site
• Bent and out-of-track door repairs
• Door hardware and panel replacement
• Noisy garage doors silenced
• Decorative and wood doors installed to order
• Security entry systems and maintenance
• Free estimates and same day service
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Garage Door Problem

We Drive to You for Free Quotes

From our fleet of service trucks, we'll travel to your location to provide for you a free repair estimate regarding your garage door problem. We can also provide a bid on any new garage door installation. These regular job quotes are free. If there are requirements for emergency, after-hours or out-of-area estimates, these may be subject to a service fee. Our company is a division of ASGD, LLC. We are licensed, bonded and insured as required by the State of Washington.

No Up-Selling
Whenever possible, we'd rather repair or service your garage door problem rather than use the opportunity to up-sell you a new door. Our goal is to approach the least expensive option first, with no hidden sales motives. The customer always comes first. It's part of the Golden Rule policy of our garage door business.

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Garage Door Won't Open or Struggles to Open

Garage Door Problem

If a garage door has open-close problems, it could be related to the spring. High torque springs can break after several years of cycles and need immediate attention to avoid more serious problems.

On the otherhand, there could be an electrical problem with the motor, or a safety sensor issue. Our experienced technicians know how to pinpoint the problem and correct it promply.

How dangerous are garage door springs?

There are basically two kinds of garage door springs. Both can be potentially hazardous as they stretch and wind to counterbalance your heavy garage door as it goes up and down.

Older garage doors may still use extension springs. One spring on each side of the garage door stretches vertically as the door is lowered. When these older type counterbalance springs break without a center safety cable, broken pieces can fly apart, possibly hitting people, cars and have been found imbedded in garage walls.

Extension springs should be converted to a more durable overhead torsion spring system. And the work should be performed by a professional garage door technician.

The second type of garage door springs, overhead torsion springs, don't shatter when breaking and stay on the mounting shaft. Torsion spring breakage has a noticeable gap in the horizontal spring, demonstrated in the above photo.

Torsion replacement springs require special tools to set a high torque wind as a counterbalance to the weight of the garage door. Do not attempt to replace torsion springs yourself, as people have been known to be injured trying to wind the spring with ordinary tools. Leave the work to our professionals who know how to safely get the job done.

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